Grace Truth Church Kansas City KJV 1611Happy Thursday!

I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that the 52 Weeks of Pursuit bible study by Mark Trotter offers a smorgasbord of doctrinal insight.  Investing an extra 30-45 minutes to annotate & make cross-references in your bible will be worth its weight in gold.

As one of my close spiritual sisters said recently, “You can see Jesus is throughout the whole bible!”  The deity of Christ cannot be denied!  Also inspiring is the lives of the people because I see the people of today.  For instance:

  • Has anyone felt bitterness of heart for their past decisions? – (Esau – 27:34-38)
  • Has any woman ever given her all, and still felt alone & unappreciated in her marriage? – (Leah – 29:32-35)
  • Has anyone ever felt ostracized by their family for their dreams? – (Joseph – 37:19-24)

What I love about the bible is that the physical and emotional issues of life written for our learning in the Old Testament undergird our faith.  Just as God brought the people through each situation and circumstance they faced, God continues to demonstrate his care for us in the same way.  I bask in the knowledge that God’s love for his servants remain as strong today as it was then.  The Old Testament reminds me to not put my trust in man, but in God alone.

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