Faith and Hope go together, and the same things that are the objects of our hope are the object of our faith, it is the expectation of use Christians that God will perform all that he has promised to us in Christ, and that belief is so strong in some of us that it gives the soul a kind of longing for those things to be realized in our lives: An example of this would be That God uses us each and everyday so that He get the Glory and not us and most important that we realize it!!!  For the believer this realization is a true exercise of our Faith and it fills us (or should) with joy unspeakable and Glory to Christ. Hear this; Christ dwells in the soul by Faith, and the soul is filled with the fullness of God as far as his present measure will allow and our desire to be Christ minded. When we look at Faith it is a total commitment to God and the Love of who He is.