52 Weeks of Pursuit – A Year Long Daily Bible Study

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52 Weeks of Pursuit

~ Strengthening the Believer in the Word of God ~

Join Grace and Truth Baptist Church in an in-depth, daily bible study utilizing the materials of Mark Trotter’s “52 Weeks of Pursuit” starting on Monday, January 1, 2018.

The longevity of any relationship is based on the amount of time and energy invested in the development of intimacy.  A Believer’s relationship with God is no different.  God desires an intimate relationship with His Children.  Strong relationships are based on open, honest and clear two-way communication.  God communicates to us through His Word (the Bible), and we communicate to God through prayer.

Rich relationships with God occur in direct proportion to the amount of time spent investing in the knowledge of God.  Pursuing knowledge to gain the right applicable understanding of God’s Word builds spiritual muscle necessary for perseverance.  Investments are designed to yield dividends.  Accordingly, the rewards a Believer experiences through an in-depth daily study of God’s Word is unparalleled.

Knowing our Bible enables us to more assuredly share its messages with others.  52 Weeks of Pursuit provides tools necessary for rightly dividing the bible’s histories, doctrine and inspirations.  Keys are shared that unlock the mysteries of the bible to expand your understanding of the OT and NT.  Share the gospel message with confidence; experience the joy in seeing others come to the saving grace of Salvation.

This bible study will be a daily investment in the building of your faithBelieve us – You don’t want to miss out.  So, grab your KJV* bible, notebook and a pen, and GET READY to elevate your bible knowledge.  Better yet, grab a partner or start an in-home small group study.  You’ll be glad you invested the time, and you will reap the benefits of a relationship with God like never before.

Remember:  We are Christ’s Ambassadors and it is essential that we represent our Lord Jesus Christ in the best light so that others come into the Light!

WEEKS 1 – 4          –  Genesis 1 through Exodus 24       

WEEKS 5 – 8         –  Exodus 25 through Numbers 32

WEEKS 9 – 12       –  Numbers 33 through Judges 21

WEEKS 13 – 15     –  Ruth 1 through 2 Chronicles 21

WEEKS 16 – 20    –  1 Kings 4 through Judges

WEEKS 21 – 24    –  2 Chronicles through Psalm 11

WEEKS 25 – 28    –  Psalm 12 through Proverbs 8

WEEKS 29 – 32    –  Proverbs 9 through Jeremiah 4

WEEKS 33 – 36    –  Jeremiah 5 through Ezekiel 36

WEEKS 37 – 40    –  Ezekiel 37 through Matthew 4

WEEKS 41 – 48    –  Matthew 5 through 1 Corinthians 6

WEEKS 49 – 52    –  1 Corinthians 7 through Revelation 22

*We recommend using a King James Version bible to ensure no verses are missing or have been moved to footnotes.