Project Description

There are two key women in the book of Proverbs. In the previous chapter, as we were discussing the Comparison Key, we looked at the first one: the Virtuous Woman (Pro. 31:10–31). And you’ll remember, that in Proverbs 31:10, God asks a question. He asks: “Who can find a Virtuous Woman?” And we found her, didn’t we? And do you remember where we found her? We found her in the book of Ruth! And we found that Ruth, in the book that bears her name, is one of, if not “the” greatest picture of the church in the entire Old Testament. And so, by comparing scripture with scripture, we actually learned that in the Doctrinal/Prophetic Application, Ruth is the Virtuous Woman… and the Virtuous Woman is a picture of the church! But this Virtuous Woman is also presented in direct contrast with another woman in the book of Proverbs: the Strange Woman. When we were in our study of the book of Proverbs, we were introduced to her. Now, let’s look at her in light of the APPLICATION Key.