Project Description

The theme of the Bible is something that should be very important to each of us, because it represents the reason that God wrote His Word, and what He intends for each of us to see, as we study His Word. God so much wants for us understand what that He has weaved throughout the entire bible, the Day that His Son, receives the glory that is due His name. We call that Day, “the DAY of the Lord,” and it is a DAY that last 1000 years. God does not what us to be ignorant.
So what we have been doing, is looking at different examples written in the Word of God, that all point to “that DAY.” This, I am doing, so that not only will you know what you are reading about in your own personal study, but as well, so that you learn to love the Word of God in such a way, that God gives to you the “key of David.”  God has designed the universe in such a way, so that every single day it paints a picture that specifically points to “the day of the Lord?”